Last week I was invited to Nimbus Partners Inspiring Performance conference at my beloved Emirates Stadium. As an Arsenal fan this made the whole conference even more impressive.

I've been working with Nimbus for just over 12 months now - and their CEO Ian Gotts has become both a close friend and mentor since we've been working together.

I've blogged about this before BUT I can't emphasise enough the importance of aligning a strong methodology that links strategy with business processes. The last decision to make should be which technology solution supports our organisational strategy.

What I REALLY like about Nimbus solution is that their product Control ES now integrates really tightly with MOSS and allows users to create an operational process dashboard that allows for a seamless interaction between the tightly controlled and defined processes and the tools information workers use on a day to day basis.

People that think really hard about the processual layer are significantly more likely to drive the successful deployment of performance management and analysts back this up.

These three components need to work in harmony - Ian and his team have proven this over a number of years and were actually presented with a "cool vendor" award from Gartner. I'm pretty sure this is a first for a Microsoft partner and without question a first for a business process vendor. Only joking.

Nimbus have developed a fantastic FTSE100 client base over the last five years including SAP, Toyota, Unilever and Chevron and I would encourage anyone looking to implement CPM to also look closely at the importance of this as part of your preparation for investing in CPM.

Oh and if your a Microsoft CPM partner - I would really encourage you to look closely at how you could work with these guys. Some partners in the UK have made the strategic decision to do so and it is really bearing fruit.