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PerformancePoint Monitoring supports the creation of KPIs and Scorecards from SAP BW 3.5 cubes. The below steps outline how to create a Data Source and Scorecard.

1. Right click on Data Sources, select New Data Source.

2. Select SAP BW 3.5, click OK.

3. Assign a name, optionally assign a display folder and permissions, click Finish.

4. Enter a connection string in the following format: DataSource=http://servername/sap/bw/xml/soap/xmla; User ID=userlogin; Password=userpassword;

5. Select the cube from the drop down. Test your connection by clicking Test Connection.

6. Right click on Scorecards, select New Scorecard.

7. Select ERP from the Category selection, select the SAPBW 3.5 template, click OK.

8. Assign a name for your scorecard, optionally assign a display folder and permissions, click Finish.

9. Select your data source, click Next.

10. Click Add KPI to add a measure from the cube as a KPI.

11. Select the banding method and target values. Note, target values can either be selected measures in the cube or hard coded values.

12. Repeat steps 10 and 11 for each KPI you want to create.

SAP Scorecard Image 

13. Click Next.

14. Optional: add applicable measure filters. Click Next.

15. Optional: select members for the columns.

16. Click Finish.

17. Adjust your KPI targets or thresholds if desired using the KPI Editor.

18. Drag and drop dimensional members on the columns or rows of your scorecard if desired. Click Update.

SAP BW Scorecard