Back from France last week - and surprisingly missed the typical 2,500 new emails. They have been replaced with friend requests, wall posts and zombie invitations (just in case you're wondering I don't understand zombies either.) smile_sniff

The PerformancePoint team now have a blog - which is great news. Alyson Powell-Erwin and Melanie Swarner in particular have been publishing some great content internally some of which I've been able to share with you over the last couple of months.

This week will see the release of CTP4 on the connect site. Here's some info on what we'll see from a Monitoring perspective in CTP4. Thanks to Alyson for putting this extensive list together.

The following Monitoring and Analytics features have been added to Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 (CTP4):


  • OLAP View Sorting/Filtering. Users can now sort (by column) and filter empty rows/columns in Analytic Charts and Grids.
  • OLAP View Types. Users can now switch between grids and charts and also change chart types (includes bar charts, stacked bar charts, stacked 100% bar charts, line charts and combined bar/line charts).
  • OLAP Member Properties in Grid. Users can now add attributes of a member into the OLAP grid.
  • Cell Level Actions. Users can now see the cell level actions behind a value in an OLAP grid or chart.
  • Export to PowerPoint. SharePoint users can now export dashboard views to Microsoft Office PowerPoint.
  • Multiple Filters. Users can now pass multiple dashboard filters to scorecards and report views.
  • Dashboard Viewer for SharePoint Services Users can now add PerformancePoint Monitoring dashboard items to an existing SharePoint page through a new PerformancePoint Web Part.

Dashboard Designer

  • Dashboard Designer Ribbon Changes. Usability improvements within the Dashboard Designer Ribbon, which is part of the Microsoft® Office Fluent™ User Interface.
  • OLAP View Configuration. Enables light configuration options on charts and grid (fonts, formats, chart legend placement, grid layout).
  • PAS Integration. Users can now add PAS report views into their dashboards.
  • Time Intelligence KPI Filters. Users can now add Time Intelligence expressions to individual KPIs.
  • Scorecard Filters. Users can now pass members from scorecards into report views. (Example: Passing the KPI Name to an SSRS report.)

Excel Services Support

  • Excel Services as a Data Source. Users can now import tables or named ranges from Excel Services spreadsheets.

More news to follow later in the week.