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So off the back of my post on business/IT alignment here's some more bedtime reading that perhaps add a further dimension to this.

Effective Performance Management programmes require extreme clarity of roles and responsibility.

According to TDWI the average BI professional performs 3.27 roles which I think suggests that for the most part business intelligence is still addressing only a fraction of the information that we need to access to help us become more productive and make better decisions. These statistics from TDWI also suggest that the vast majority of people within a company go un-served or underserved relative to their informational needs. This leaves the knowledge and expertise of approximately 95% of most companies untapped to a significant degree. The un-served and underserved audience is almost entirely responsible for the tactical and operational decision making that takes place on a day to day basis and the BI professional is tearing is hair out and working 80-100 hour weeks.