February, 2008

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Hi my name is Ben Tamblyn and I'm a Solution Channel Development Manager here at Microsoft. I'm responsible for helping our partners build and align their business to Microsoft's business intelligence solution offering. Prior to joining Microsoft I worked primarily in a consulting guise and spent 1 extremely long year completing my MBA back in 2003. I've been at Microsoft almost 4 years now and spent some time working as an IW solution sales specialist within financial services.

This blog is designed to provide people with an interface into Microsoft's UK Performance Management business. It will be a repository for news, and key information from across the business including prodcasts with key people, access to early code and BETA versions of PerformancePoint as we approach launch in 2007, and finally an opportunity for you guys out there to ask questions of me.

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+441189093534 (Work)

+447854750068 (Mobile)


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    Lessons in Marketing: Puma

      Completely off topic but I saw this post today from Seth Godin which prompted me to share this. Ever since I was a child Puma has been my sports footwear of choice. Why? Put simply my best friend's father was a brand manager for their footwear...
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    The BI Blog

      Great news - We've decided to create THE BI BLOG . I've been asked to contribute (which is a great honour) and we'll look to make sure there's something in here for everyone from the customer, partner, developer, and implementer. For the BI BLOG...
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    Do the dance...

    So SAP/BOBJ are using Sir Mixalot as their unofficial mascot with the release of Baby got BI. Our approach is a little different but here's how the Softie's do it. I'll leave you to be the judge of who's best in the "war on talent".   Technorati...
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