Completely off topic but I saw this post today from Seth Godin which prompted me to share this. Ever since I was a child Puma has been my sports footwear of choice. Why? Put simply my best friend's father was a brand manager for their footwear division in Australia and even at a young age this prompted me to become a brand advocate for Puma. Something I still advocate today as I think they have a cool and unique brand and we're unquestionably pioneers in making the transition from providing high-performance sports footwear and casual footwear. Now all brands have a similarly diverse set of offerings but whilst Nike and Adidas still focus on inspiring people through strong brand advocates such as Michael Jordan and David Beckham, Puma have adopted a different strategy that's historically focused more on word of mouth. Now they're teaming up with Alexander McQueen and Yasahiro Mihara to really emphasise their focus into "sports-fashion".

Oh yeah - and a few years back in 1994 I was asked to do a fashion shoot for Puma Australia "then new" street shoes. I don't think the series of photographs taken ever went any more broadly than some basic catalogues - which is probably a good thing. Perhaps unsurprisingly I now work in BI and Puma are teaming up with professionals. You can do the maths. smile_wink


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