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April, 2005

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    Data tier load with Team Foundation beta


    Did you install your beta data tier in Virtual PC or Virtual Server and see a high CPU load while its running?  Even on real hardware, you may notice some load when nothing would appear to be going on.  Someone mentioned on an internal mailing list that the data tier CPU load for a combined app and data tier installed in Virtual Server was quite high, averaging about 50-70% with most of that time being used by SQL analysis services (msmdsrv.exe).

    Well, here's the answer (I didn't write the question or the answer, but I hope people find it useful).

    The warehouse was designed to run processing every hour. For demo purposes the period was changed to 2 minutes in beta 2. On a weak system or a virtual machine you will see this behavior.

    Change the run interval on the app tier as follows.

    1. Stop TFSServerScheduler using 'net stop TFSServerScheduler'.
    2. Go to http://localhost:8080/Warehouse/warehousecontroller.asmx using a browser on the app tier.  Click on ChangeSetting and enter the following values and then press the 'Invoke' button (3600 seconds = run once per hour).
      1. settingID: RunIntervalSeconds
      2. newValue: 3600
    3. Restart TFSServerScheduler using 'net start TFSServerScheduler'.

    Note: It is important to restart TFSServerScheduler, as the interval is cached and will not take effect until the next run.

    You can also manually kick off the data warehouse.  Here are the steps to do so:

    1. Go to http://localhost:8080/Warehouse/warehousecontroller.asmx using a browser on the app tier.
    2. Click the ‘Run’ link.
    3. Press the ‘Invoke’ button.

     This will trigger a refresh of the reports.

    [Update]  Thanks to Mike for pointing out the the original instructions were a little rough.  I've updated them.

    [Update 2] Added msmdsrv.exe to the text to (hopefully) make it easier for folks to find the post when they notice that the Yukon April CTP Analysis Services process is consuming a lot of CPU time.

  • Buck Hodges

    SQL Server Reporting Services Permissions and Visual Studio Team Foundation Beta 2

    Mike Attili has a nice post on fixing reporting service permissions, Problems with SQL Server Reporting Services Permissions.  Bruce Taimana answered his post in the forum stating that was the correct way to handle it in the beta.
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    VSTS 2005 FAQ blog posts fixes for known issues

    The Visual Studio 2005 Team System blog functions as sort of a FAQ in blog form.  They've started posting known issues and workarounds for the new beta release.  The first two posts are about the problems antivirus software can cause during setup and what to do about AD/AM setup failures due to spaces in paths.
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    Visual Studio Team Foundation Forum on MSDN


    Speaking of the forum, be sure to check out the Visual Studio Team Foundation forum.  Folks like Mike have posted useful information, and lots of MS folks are answering questions.  You may even get an answer from Rick LaPlante.

    The MSDN forums are nice, and they've obviously put quite a bit of work into them.  The forums are supposed to eventually replace the newsgroup, but I'm having a hard time finding what I haven't read once a thread changes.  Clicking through pages on the web site is too time consuming.  I was hoping that SharpReader was the answer since the forum has an RSS feed, but that's not been what I've expected.  I really miss being able to see quickly what I haven't read the way that Outlook Express shows newsgroup messages.  I'm hoping Josh Ledgard can help me see what I'm missing.  What I'd like to have is sort of a threaded RSS feed that SharpReader would use to show me what threads and replies I haven't read.  I answered pretty regularly on the newsgroup, and I'd like an easy way to do that now.  The tip about changing mode=0 to mode=1 is interesting, but it doesn't seem to do the trick either.

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