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January, 2008

  • Buck Hodges

    Visual Studio Team System Web Access 2008 in Japanese is now available


    Part of our plan for the TSWA 2008 Power Tool is to release localized versions.  Japanese is the first language to become available.  Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Korean are currently planned for release over the next month.

    Here's the download page in Japanese, along with a link to it.

    Team System Web Access (以前の TeamPlain) は、Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server の Web インターフェイスツールです。


    Team System Web Access 2008 は無料でダウンロードできます。Team System Web Access 2008 は、Team Foundation Server でライセンスされた環境にインストールできます。Team System Web Access 2008 を使って Team Foundation Server にアクセスするには、Team Foundation Server のライセンスされたユーザーである必要があります。

    • 新機能 : 作業項目、結果リスト、相違点、変更セットなどへの直接リンク
    • 新機能 : 作業項目フォーム上でのカスタム コントロールの表示
    • 新機能 : 新しくキューに配置されたビルドの表示、新しいビルドのキューへの配置
    • 新規作業項目の追加および既存作業項目の編集
    • カスタム作業項目を含むすべての種類の作業項目を操作可能
    • 新規作業項目クエリの追加および既存作業項目クエリの編集
    • SharePoint チーム ポータル上のドキュメントの表示、ダウンロード、アップロード、チェックイン、チェックアウト
    • レポートの表示、PDF 形式または Excel 形式でのエクスポート
    • ソース管理リポジトリの表示、ファイルのダウンロード、変更セット、相違点、履歴、および注釈ビューの表示
    • ビルド結果の表示、ビルドの開始および中止
    • 作業項目に含まれるキーワードの検索
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    TSWA: Hakan now has a blog


    Hakan Eskici is the program manager for Team System Web Access.  He's now blogging, and his first post provides some history on how TeamPlain became TSWA.

    A little bit about myself and Web Access

    Some of you might already know that I'm the Program Manager on the Web Access team in Team Foundation Server product group.

    In March 2007, Microsoft acquired the company I had founded with Ahmet Akkas back in 2001. Ahmet, Serkan (one of our senior developers) and I, along with our families, moved to beautiful North Carolina in June 2007 and started to work in Microsoft's Raleigh office.

    The story starts in 2001, when my old time friend Ahmet Akkas and I had decided to start a software company in Izmir, Turkey. Our company was called devBiz.


  • Buck Hodges

    TFSBuild.com: Build "recipes"


    Grant Holliday has set up a great site for Team Build users to be able to contribute and find "recipes" to use in their builds.  Check it out!

    TFSBuild.com Build Recipes Launched

    Filed under: TFSBuild.com, Team Foundation Server — Grant Holliday @ 6:32 pm

    I’ve been thinking for a while that there’s not a lot of guidance out there on how to get Visual Studio Team Foundation Build (aka Team Build) doing more than just a compile.

    My first crazy thought was that I should write a book - then I got scared when I mapped out the chapters and realised how much effort would be required and the time-to-market. I’ll leave that all to somebody else.

    Instead, I registered the domain TFSBuild.com and setup the .NET ScrewTurn wiki. Here’s the introduction from the homepage:

    As a Build Master you’ve been put in charge of coming up with a central build system for your team. It can be quite daunting at first and you wonder “Where do I start?”.

    The purpose of TFSBuild.com is to create and share build recipes with other build masters so that we can all learn and benefit from each other’s experience.

    Since the site is called TFSBuild.com, there is a particular focus on MSBuild and Team Foundation Build scripts. But if you have a NAnt script or similar that you think others might find useful post it up.

    The site is published as a wiki and the idea is that anybody can register to add & update content.


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