Introducing the Real World DBA

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On the bus-ride to work, I listen to some music while I work on the laptop, and each morning I listen to a Podcast or two. Some are very good - others are just passable - so I thought I would toss my hat in the ring.

In the next couple of weeks I'll introduce a new Podcast on the "edge" network, which you can find here: It's called the "Real World DBA", and covers the news, web links, tips and features that the DBA can use in their job every day. I'll announce the first episode here when I post it. I'll still post Blogs here, but in the Podcast I'll focus on more practical DBA tasks, and I won't cover things there like Microsoft processes and so on like I'll do here.

I'd be thrilled to get your feedback - do we need another Podcast? What topics are you interested in? Is it something you'll listen to?

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