Free "Basic Training" for SQL Server

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I answer a lot of questions about SQL Server - on forums, in newsgroups, in presentations and so on - and many are "101", or basic questions. That's great!  I don't have a problem with that at all - I enjoy helping someone that is new to SQL Server learn the ropes. Over the years I've collected some really great links that I can share with people about learning to manage SQL Server. I thought I would post those here, in the hopes that you'll pass them around:

Basics Podcast:  

Free SQL Server Learning Videos:

Free SQL Server Training: 

General SQL Server Learning and Education:

General SQL Server Learning and Education:

Learning SQL Server using the Sample Databases:

SQL Server for the Oracle DBA:

SQL Server DBA Handbook (oldie but a goodie):

SQL Server Express – Sample Applications:

Lots of free database schemas:

SQL Server Basics in Flash:

Webcasts, Virtual Labs and Podcasts:

SQL Server Whitepapers:

“Ask Stan”:

Basic Programming Training videos:

SSIS Learning Resources:

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