New Release for Oxite: An ASP.Net MVC Sample Application


Oxite is a sample ASP.Net MVC application, that provides guidance, extensions and best practices for building ASP.Net MVC applications. The famous application built using Oxite is MIX Online.

The new release contains architecture improvements and new features:

  • New Model, Services and Repositories
  • Dependency Injection (Routes, Controllers, Services, Repositories, etc)
  • ActionFilter Registry
  • Better test coverage
  • New validation class added
  • Improved background services architecture
  • Projects cleaned up and consolidated
  • Views cleaned up
  • No more *.cs or *.cs.designer for views in web project
  • Now works in a sub directory
  • New admin dashboard
  • New and update (from last version) SQL scripts included
  • Many other small features, improvements and bug fixes

Download Oxite source code from here.