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Dynamics AX product-related topics for project-based businesses such as consulting, accounting, advertising, and construction.
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    For If You Cannot Fly (Updating Linked Report Page Settings)

    I previously showed how you can programmatically set the page size properties (used by the print control) for a specific report on the server. I created an updated version of this sample that will set the page properties for all linked reports on your...
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    The Red Line (PDC Wrap Up)

    It was a presenter's worst nightmare. I was in the middle of my PDC Power Hour demo and my laptop froze. The CPU was at 99% and the mouse was hanging. I found out later that I had experienced some sort of hardware malfunction that only appears after 10...
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    Playing with Fire (PDC Begins)

    PDC 2005 has begun. I arrived here in Los Angeles yesterday from Seattle. As you might have heard, the entire city of LA lost power yesterday which meant I had to wait around for an extra hour in the lobby of my hotel. It was very surreal seeing a bunch...
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    Everclear (Setting Published Report Print Properties)

    In a previous post , I described some of the rules around report pagination. I mentioned that you can change the page settings of a published report using the SetProperties web service method. This is especially useful in that we neglect to propagate...
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