I previously showed how you can programmatically set the page size properties (used by the print control) for a specific report on the server. I created an updated version of this sample that will set the page properties for all linked reports on your report server. It copies the relevant properties from the base report to the linked report. If you are using the rs.exe script host, you can delete the proxy methods at the top as they are handled automatically. This example uses the SQL 2000 RS SOAP endpoint but will work for SQL 2005 RS as well.

Dim rs As New ReportingService.ReportingService
Dim ci(), c As ReportingService.CatalogItem
Dim l As String

rs.Url = "http://localhost/reportserver/reportservice.asmx"
rs.Credentials = System.Net.CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials

ci = rs.ListChildren("/", True)

For Each c In ci
  If c.Type = ReportingService.ItemTypeEnum.LinkedReport Then
    Dim p(5) As ReportingService.Property

    p(0) = New ReportingService.Property
    p(0).Name = "PageHeight"

    p(1) = New ReportingService.Property
    p(1).Name = "PageWidth"

    p(2) = New ReportingService.Property
    p(2).Name = "TopMargin"

    p(3) = New ReportingService.Property
    p(3).Name = "BottomMargin"

    p(4) = New ReportingService.Property
    p(4).Name = "LeftMargin"

    p(5) = New ReportingService.Property
    p(5).Name = "RightMargin"

    l = rs.GetReportLink(c.Path)
    p = rs.GetProperties(l, p)
    rs.SetProperties(c.Path, p)
  End If