I send myself e-mail occasionally, so I can remember items that I want to blog about later.  (I only blog from home, and in fact only have blog software on my home machine – a little bit of practical self-control.)  Unfortunately, these self-addressed, non-stamped mails have been piling up recently, and in particular there is one called “blog the testing cost post” that has me stumped.  What on earth was I thinking when I sent that?  It sounds fascinating!  I just wish I could remember…

Maybe it was that post describing useful metrics for measuring testing cost – but where did I put it?

Or maybe, it’s a very cryptic note to myself that I need to talk about TCP more?

Perhaps if I subject it to the “Bible Code” analysis, its hidden meaning will be revealed to me – the secret to world domination?  Or perhaps just a raise?

Its driving me nits!