I’ve seen a couple blog mentions recently about a ‘plastic’ memory technology being researched at Princeton and HP.  I have to say that I am extremely skeptical about this project.  For one thing, another 3-D (“memory in a cube”) project that I got excited about once was holographic memory – it seemed very promising, but has gone no-where for many years.  For another thing, the plastic people’s optimistic assessment is that after a number of years of development, they will get 1GB in a cubic centimeter.  Uh, guys?  A couple months ago I spent $130 on a small keychain device that holds 512MB; by the time this plastic stuff gets commercialized, flash memory will kick its ass.  And my keychain drive is re-writable.

The one promising bit is the comment “We're looking at a different way of manufacturing that we think will eliminate clean rooms and be a lot less expensive in the end” by HP’s Craig Perlov – if it was substantially cheaper, that would be cool even if it was write-once and lower-density than other solutions.