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January, 2004

  • The Galactic Patrol

    WS-Eventing published

    I noticed the WS-Eventing proposed standard has been published – this is directly related to the Indigo feature area I work on.
  • The Galactic Patrol

    Welcome to the world, Lucy!

    On Wednesday, my wife gave birth to a darling baby girl – Lucille Alsdorf Williams. What can I say – she is just perfect. Words cannot describe my joy when I hold her. There are some pictures up at
  • The Galactic Patrol

    Welcome, Dom!

    A friend of mine, Dominic Hopton, recently joined our ranks here at Microsoft – he’ll be a test developer, just like me. Congratulations, Dom! We always need more smart testers here at MSHQ. If you need anything to help get settled in, let...
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