OK, I'm back and have I got news for you!

PDSA is a top-notch developer services and training company looking for at least one (1) .NET programmer to hire full-time salary. Those of you in Southern California (especially Orange County) are likely familiar with the reputation of PDSA and know what a great opportunity this would be.

If you don't know of PDSA then perhaps its president, Paul Sheriff, and his work is more familiar as local MSDN Regional Director, co-author of ASP .NET Developer's Jumpstart, MSDN Webcaster extraordinaire, TechEd and DevDays speaker, frequent user group guest speaker, occasional speaker at some of my local MSDN Events seminars (soon to be re-badged to MSDN Live events), etc.

So if you're looking to hire on full-time as a .NET programmer, e-mail your resume to info@pdsa.com

Good luck to you!