Yesterday, INETA held a meeting for the leaders of their various member user groups. Most of them were from the U.S., not as many internationally as i would have thought.

it seems that INETA are going to set up a regional speakers directory -functioning as a secondary tier to their fabulous speakers bureau. 

i presented briefly about our MSDN Events seminars cross-country series and how our charter will be significantly expanding to include supporting the user groups in our districts. When i started into my demonstrations of the attendee kits and showed the contents of our exclusive, companion DVD-ROM, the attendees in the room seemed to explode with excitement. They all wanted to get the DVD-ROM for their user group members. i finished with demonstrations of how i promote the SoCal user groups in the local news section of the MSDN Flash e-mail newsletter, the page of listings at and the rotating walk-in presentation slides that play before my seminar events.

i finished with a call to action to get in touch with my counter-parts across the U.S., have us help promote their meetings and events, and invite their members to our events. i'm really looking forward to working together with the user groups next year.

i just sent my slides to Sara from Wintellect who co-ordinated the meeting. she will take care of getting them posted.