Steel Battalion is the current undisputed heavy-weight champion when it comes time to battle-mech sims. for good reason too. it's not just another Xbox game title that ships in a typical slipcase... it's a behemoth of a 40+ button, dual joystick cockpit simulator that just happens to ship with a video game to justify its own existence.

Steel Battalion was so completely over-the-top that it originally sold-out across the country and reportedly was selling for over $500 on eBay (always a laser accurate measure of a gadget's true worth)!

descriptions of Steel Battalion invariably net out to something along the lines of the most realistic simulator ever...

well, it's not the last word on the subject - check this out.

i'm not even going to attempt a description on my own. i thought it was sure to be elaborate studio fakery but it turns out that my esteemed colleague Bill from the Great Lakes says that this was featured already on an episode of TechTV (so it must be true). i'm still incredulous.