Later this week, Ken Henderson, author of the Guru's Guide to SQL Server series of books is coming to Los Angeles. 

As I blogged previously last week, Ken will be presenting at the L.A. SQL Server Professionals Group meeting on Thursday night and then at a special full-day workshop on Saturday (register at the special rate of just $99). At both of these events, Ken's presentations will be augmented with those by Paul Nielsen, author of the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Bible.

Now, here comes the secret part - what I didn't write about is that I also arranged with Ken to present an even more special masterclass session discussing his personal top diagnostic checklist when he gets called onsite by major SQL Server customers. Yes, that's right, a ninety minute masterclass in person with the SQL Server Guru, Microsoft Senior Escalation Engineer and author of the PSSDiag tool. This will be an unrivalled opportunity to hone your SQL Server diagnostic troubleshooting and optimization skills. Best of all, there's no charge for this session but there is a very big catch, you had to be on my highly exclusive, double secret probabation invitation list...

If you are one of those people that hate finding out afterward about secret events that you didn't get invited to, this is the part where you get a chance to participate in this secret masterclass because I'm going to offer a limited number of invitations to readers of this blog as a token of my appreciation!

So, if you are interested and available to attend this session in L.A. County on Thursday morning (that's February 17th to be specific) or Orange County later that afternoon, just send your individual request by e-mail to socaldev, stating which session you would like to come to. I'll reply with the details about the location and time on a first come, first served basis until we run out of room to accept any more attendees.