If software security is your thing, Software Development Times (SDTimes) is putting together an entire conference just for you! It runs from April 12th to 14th in La Jolla, California (a rather fashionable suburb just north of San Diego which translates you're looking for an excuse . The Software Security Summit conference has a unique format consisting of full-day tutorials, followed by two days of in-depth sessions and the agenda is both multi-platform and multi-vendor. The conference faculty includes the likes of the renowned Allen Holub(!), my former colleague (and co-author of Writing Secure Code which is highly recommended, by the way) David LeBlanc (if you get a chance, ask him what he learned about the subject of security from his work experiences while living in Las Vegas...) and my current colleague Joe Stagner (where would I even start feeding you with questions to ask him?).

So what's the downside? There's always a downside and for conferences with quality speakers at nice facilities (this one is at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla...), the downside is usually the not so inconsequential hit on the pocketbook. In this regard, the Software Security Summit isn't substantially different - the full conference registration price is $1,395!

If you're like me and think this conference might be worth checking out, I've got an awesome deal to share with you. What do you say to a $900 discount off the full conference registration price? That's a saving of almost two-thirds!

All you have to do is go to the usual registration page and then use the special secret handshake SoCal user group discount code of SDUG to keep nine spare Franklins in your own pocket...

While you're at it, show your support for SoCal user groups by registering for the upcoming SoCal .NET Technical Summit on Saturday, May 7th.

See you there (both events)!