For those of you who attended my Webcast yesterday and wanted to download the sample application from it, you can now find this via Many thanks to MaximumASP.NET for hosting this site (it's only been a few hours now but everything has been smooth sailing) and the Digital Black Belt guy, Joe Stagner, for arranging this.

In the future, I'll be using this site to distribute the downloads of slides, code samples, etc., from my conference, user group, Webcast and other presentations, unless there already is an established publication vehicle.

If you're wondering why I publish and maintain listings of developer resources for Southern California and the Southwest on (what we call MSCOM) but I'm not putting these downloads into the Microsoft Download Center, it's because the publishing application (the thoroughly bewildering Download Management Tool) and the process to do so are altogether too arduous and complex for me and my mythical co-signatories to cope with.

I'm a big believer in utilizing established systems and not re-inventing the wheel. Yes, the Download Center is supposedly searchable, has plenty of bandwidth, uptime in spades and you reliably know where your download is coming from. All of these are admirable qualities but they don't count for much if the downloads don't ever make it there in the first place.

Theoretically, at some point down the line, the sheer number of downloads available on the new site will need to be properly indexed and searchable, the ISP will balk at all the bandwidth we're consuming around the clock, and myriad other scalability issues will arise that need to be dealt with but let's burn those bridges when we reach them. This simple, new site for you to get your downloads will work just fine until then. Happy downloading!