The PDC 2005 conference is returning to the Los Angeles Convention Center between September 11th and 16th.

While I've only lived in Los Angeles (county) a short while, I have either stayed at or temporarily visited most of the downtown Los Angeles hotels that have rooms blocked off for conference attendees. I thought I'd jot down some of my impressions of these establishments for you to take into consideration before making your own final selection.

Standard Downton - this is the funky, designer 'party' hotel complete with rooftop bar/pool for the D&G crowd. i expect this will again be where the more reckless of the product teams will be staying/spending their late evenings into the wee hours. at the last PDC, this was also where the models at the coincidental fashion show stayed (or so i was told).
Sheraton Downtown - formerly the Hyatt regency, your typical upscale business hotel
Westin Bonaventure - your typical upscale business hotel - if there's an earthquake in the middle of the night, you may get a good shake in your room...
Wilshire Grand - your typical upscale business hotel but if you are parking a car here, you may find the valet service can take a very long time during peak hours
Figueroa Hotel - this is the ticket if you hate staying at chain hotels. very close to the convention center (the number of blocks listed on the PDC Web site can be misleading - they are very long blocks!), car parking in the back, adds a touch of local flavor and charm

Omni Los Angeles - nice lobby area but i didn't like staying at this hotel much, something about the rooms and their decor really put me off during my stay
 Biltmore - the grand classic belle dame of downtown, very impressive lobby and facilities (for your basic socialite weddings) but the standard rooms are small and musty - you may find that you are sharing it with uninvited guests of the multi-legged kind too...
New Otani Hotel & Garden - it's kind of out of the way but for those on a budget... i've managed to avoid staying here previously. the hotel may be decent inside (i've heard it is) but i've passed by it several times in a conference shuttle bus (and been extremely grateful that the bus didn't break down nearby). if you do stay here, don't even think about taking a short stroll at night (unless you like tempting fate)... footnote for cineastes (and obsessive U2 minutiae devotees), on the bus ride over, you can catch a glimpse of the titular Million Dollar Hotel from the Wim Wenders film!

Of course, the real party hardy crowd will be those spending their after hours over in West Hollywood and staying at the most (in)famous hotels - the Chateau Marmont, Sunset Marquis, Mondrian, Standard, Argyle, (Riot) Hyatt (aka the Rock 'n' Roll Hotel), etc.!

I hope you find these personal observations useful - of course, your mileage (and experiences) may vary...