OK, i know my posts have been very intermittent and matter of fact to the point of desiccation recently (ever since i was asked by Windows Vista to expunge one of my posts - it was their IP, intellectual property, watchdogs too). So you know what this means right? Yup, i'm well overdue to stir things up again...

So late Monday afternoon, i was over at one of the Redmond campus buildings to check out some (not overly) impressive demonstrations for the Coding4Fun booth that i'm supposed to be running at the big Anaheim launch event next week (don't worry if you're planning on attending though, i'm now working with my new pal Mark Miller, chief architect of Developer Express' CodeRush and Refactor! products, to come up with some much cooler stuff to show). Afterward, i made a call on my cell phone to arrange some Webcasts in the new year and looking out the window, noticed a whole gaggle of friends from the Visual Basic (and VS Data/LINQ) team walk by on their way to the nearby cafeteria.

When i got there to say hello, it became evident the purpose of the gathering was to get their team photos taken and do the big product box signing ritual. Of course, i was immediately greeted with (libelous) accusations of crashing any party that goes on (patently false by the way - just those worth crashing). Unfortunately (or fortunately as it turns out), i already missed their ship-it (product release) party combined together with their holiday party.

FYI, ship-it parties, in recognition of all the effort and long hours that go into a product development cycle, are typically a BIG DEAL - the SQL Server 2005 team are going up to Whistler soon for theirs, even the red-headed step-child of Developer Division (er, that would be the FoxPro team) would get to jet off to Vegas for the weekend. Holiday parties though not nearly as lavish as past years, are still a biggish deal - e.g., the team that i'm on are jetting off to Vegas next week, yeah!

So what top-rated, favorite American vacation hotspot did the Visual Basic team get to go to for their COMBINED ship-it and holiday party? Yup, you guessed it - that's right, Seattle Center for an all expenses paid buffet dinner! Congratulations on a job well done!

It's not exactly a lump of coal in their stocking but from any angle it looks like the Visual Basic team got the weenies end of the shrimp stick (i'll save the shrimp and weenies story alluded to for another post). They did a darned good job with Visual Basic 2005 like getting that Edit and Continue feature from Visual Basic 6.0 back into the product finally. And when you think about it, they really had their work cut out for them just trying to keep up with all the language innovations that their counterparts got into C# 2.0...

All kidding aside, i think the Visual Basic team deserve more. Maybe we could take donations on their behalf and at least send them to the distant lands of... beautiful, exotic Alki Beach in West Seattle. At least it would really be a proper weenie roast then!

What do you think?

See all the really juicy tid-bits i miss out on (and don't get to report) now that i'm mostly away from Redmond? No, i'm not asking for a write-in campaign to send me back! I like living in SoCal just fine, thank you very much.