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May, 2012

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    Integration isssue: Dynamics CRM 2011 List Component and SharePoint 2010. Document List appears as a SharePoint 2010 iframe



    Today, I've been contacted by my fellow colleague from the CRM team, Fausto Cipriani. He wanted me to lend him a hand with a case related to integration between Dynamics CRM 2011 List Component and SharePoint 2010.

    It turns out that one of his customers when trying to connect to one of the Documents connections he retrieves something like a SharePoint 2010 embeded page in an iframe instead of the view of the connector. For instance

    We proceed to check the hot spots regarding how to set up the connector:

    • SharePoint Web Application de SharePoint doesn't set to Permissive.
    • Check if the connection has been validated.
    • Feature activated.

    The previous points were right configured. The customer informed us that his administrator user was not having the issue but other administrators were having it, besides the some users.

    Checking the url that the connector were connecting to, it failed when connecting to a child site. Furthermore when we were checking if the feature was activated, I noticed that the feature was a site collection feature and not a site feature (That means that the feature only appears on the top site instead on every site, appears in Manage Site Collection Feature y not in Manage Site features)  

    I thought to myself if any user that was failing had credential/rights on the top/parent site. We checked that it hadn't any right so we granted viewers only rights, the issue dissapeared and the documents view appeared properly. For instance (BTW, the user didn't have any document)

    Then, if the connector it is configured against a child site that belongs to a site collection that has a hierarchy it's needed ,at least, to grant viewers only credentials to the user in the parent site that is belonging the feature.

    Potential explanation of the issue

    My point of view about why this issue is hapenning is:

    As the feature is a site collection feature, the connector custom code needs that the user logged has credentials on the parent site because if not the internal logic of the connector could be failing and it's not able to complete the action of listing the documents and set the right documents view

    Unfortunately, this is only an assumption because I do not have any oficial statement from the CRM Product Group nor the SharePoint Product Group

    Eventually, I would like to point you to the following urls about how to set up the connector and the official download page of the connector:



    Thank you so much

    Kind Regards.

    Héctor Calvarro Martín. SharePoint Dev/Core. Microsoft Support Escalation Engineer for EMEA

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    MOSS 2007 RTM to SP3 => The feature '2b1e4cbf-b5ba-48a4-926a-37100ad77dee' is not installed on the farm


    Good Afternoon.

    Some days ago one of our customers was updating a MOSS 2007 environment from RTM to SP3, without applying any update between RTM and SP3. He opened a support case and reported the following issue.

    [ERROR] [15/05/2012 9:43:19]: Template OSRV#0: Exception thrown in activating
    SPSite scoped features for SPSite with URL http://centraldamin/ssp/admin
    (Id=21cc6e91-21f0-4393-b13a-f60bb5610c46). Skipping this SPSite for template upgrade.  Exception: System.InvalidOperationException: La característica '2b1e4cbf-b5ba-48a4-926a-37100ad77dee' no está instalada en este conjunto. No puede agregarse a este ámbito.

    en Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFeatureCollection.AddInternal(Guid featureId,
    SPFeaturePropertyCollection properties, Boolean force, Boolean fMarkOnly)
    en Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFeatureCollection.Add(Guid featureId, Boolean force)
    en Microsoft.SharePoint.Upgrade.SPWebTemplateSequence.ActivateSiteFeatures(List`1 lstsiteidToUpgrade, List`1& lstsiteidExceptions, List`1& lstwebinfoExceptions

    Fortunately, the error is old known issue. It turns out that the Infrastructure update installs new features related to the Central Admin and to the Share Services Providers.

    In order to solve it, it's need to install those feature using the command psconfig.exe -cmd installfeatures

    Then the customer pointed us to a blog from a former Microsoft fellow talking in a further detail about that feature in subject:

    "2b1e4cbf-b5ba-48a4-926a-37100ad77dee', is basically the “S2SearchAdmin”"

    So for more info I would like to share with all of you the blog that the customer pointed.:


    I hope it will be useful for you.


    Kind Regards.

    Héctor Calvarro Martín. SharePoint Dev/Core. Microsoft Support Escalation Engineer for EMEA

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    Disponibles Windows 8 Release Preview y Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate



    Hoy ha sido anunciado la disponibilidad de Windows 8 Release Preview y Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate. Se pueden descargar gratuitamente en:

    Windows 8 Release Preview

    Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate 

    Finalmente, me gustaría apuntaros a la siguiente información para más información:

    • Nota de prensa oficial


    • Comunicación oficial de Steven Sinofsky en el blog Building Windows 8


    • Centro de desarrollo Windows



    Un saludo.

    Héctor Calvarro Martín. SharePoint Dev/Core. Microsoft Support Escalation Engineer for EMEA

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    Visual Studio 2010 Poster con atajos de teclas-funciones



    He de reconocer que me encantan este tipo de posters con todas los shortcuts de funcionalidades de programas. Por lo cual os dejo los posters referentes a Visual Studio 2010 y sus lenguajes (C#,J#, C++ etc) que seguro que os son de utilidad.

    Se pueden descargar de aquí.



    Un saludo.

    Héctor Calvarro Martín. SharePoint Dev/Core. Microsoft Support Escalation Engineer for EMEA

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