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June, 2004

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    What is a C0000005 crash?

    In my blog about Dr. Watson I talked about product crashes. What is an example of a crash? How destructive is it? Here’s a simple example. MyFunction takes a string parameter and calculates its length MyFunction ( char * StringParam...
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    Thirty years ago, computers were quite different

    In the old days, we had to use a typewriter. I asked if I could use the ASR-33 teletype machine which connected to our high school PDP-8 computer, but it only printed in UPPER CASE on rolls of yellow paper. Did you ever wonder the origin of the...
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    Dr. Watson: Please send in your error report

    I bet you’ve seen dialogs similar to this: We at Microsoft refer to this dialog/technology as Dr. Watson (after the famous Sherlock Holmes assistant). Before Watson, computer users would get the BSOD (The Blue Screen of Death)...
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    Disappearing Window Contents while dragging the mouse

    We have heard a couple reports of strange behavior in Visual FoxPro if you click on a thumb button in a scrollbar, drag it up or down a little, then pause for 6 seconds or so. The contents of the window would disappear, leaving a blank editing window...
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    Designing User Interface for car keys

    Here at Microsoft we have people called Program Managers (PMs) whose job is to design a product. They’re the ones that make a feature usable to the customer. A remote keyless entry car fob is quite useful. It’s essentially a wireless...
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    Start using XML and XSLT to create HTML

    Tonight at the Seattle Visual Foxpro user group meeting Richard Stanton gave a great presentation of the new reporting features of VFP9, which is currently available in beta . The question came up about how to use XSLT to create HTML from XML. I...
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    Blogs get 300 hits per hour: Visual FoxPro can count.

    I wanted to get a picture into my blog, which isn’t run by my web site. It actually gets posted to 2 URLs: or at I can view and edit my entry in HTML, so I just added an...
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    Styrofoam Peanuts

    I like the convenience of shopping online. Not only are there lots of goodies available, but it’s easy to jump from store to store with a couple keystrokes. However, it’s very hard to tell if the ordered product is shipped in packaging...
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    I want my own email! MSN Premium

    My 7 year old daughter Wendy has been clamoring for her own email account, among other things (like her own cell phone). She’s been using a computer for years, and has been using my old web server laptop as her main machine, mainly to surf kids...
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    Independence Day for blogging

    Since July 4 th is nearing, I thought it would be appropriate to start my independent blog. In this first entry, I’ll add a few pointers to prior entries that I made to our VSData team blog. Solving a customer problem is my blog narrative describing an...
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