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August, 2004

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    Why was the original IBM PC 4.77 Megahertz?

    In 1979, I had a summer job on Long Island , NY designing a circuit board for the front panel of a satellite control system. That was the time Apple II and Radio Shack were top selling computers. We were designing a circuit board that had an embedded...
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    Put a web browser on your desktop

    Just a few lines of code allow you to put a fully functioning custom web browser on your screen background. If you’re not running the beta of VFP9, then remove the autocomplete property on the textbox below. The AlwaysOnBottom puts the browser form below...
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    Sharing Digital Pictures of your friend's

    My family recently went to the Microsoft Company Picnic, where we met with a friend’s family to enjoy the amenities. I took some pictures of our kids, and I emailed a link to the pictures to my friend. The link shows a page with the picture...
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    Displaying playing cards for bridge

    I love to play bridge. When I was a little kid, my parents played with their parents. I would put my palm on the table, and my dad would riffle shuffle on my hand. The thrills of childhood! Nowadays I read bridge columns and try to play at the local bridge...
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    Phone Number Challenge update

    I'm back from a month sabbatical/paternity leave. Due to popular demand, here’s an update of the phone number problem, with a web site from which you can try the algorithm A while ago, I posted a blog about a sort of informal programming...
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    My 7 year old daughter was playing with a toy Fisher Price dial telephone. She asked “How does this work?” I had to explain how we had to “dial” a phone. Remember slide rules? (I still use a slide rule: they’re great when you want to have a custom lookup...
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    Hear your web site being hit

    Somebody in the world is browsing the internet and hits your web site. How do you know? IIS provides logging services (WinXP: Control Panel->Admin Tools->IIS->Web Sites->Default Web Site. Rt-Click, Properties, Enable Logging, choose the kind...
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    Harvesting blood

    I gave blood yesterday to the Puget Sound Blood Center It’s great: they have an online reservation system and send a bloodmobile to Microsoft campus pretty frequently (about every 8 weeks: (that’s how often you are allowed to give blood) how about that...
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