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September, 2004

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    Form design shortcut

    I’ve been very busy creating content for our developer conference and we’ve been working hard on our product because we’re close to shipping. While preparing a demo form, I came across a shortcut for designing a form that I thought I’d share. I wanted...
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    Spy on your programs

    A user emailed me a question: How can I get the handle often named as "HWnd" of any Visual Foxpro native visual object such as COMMANDBUTTON,SHAPE,EDITBOX,LISTBOX ,etc.? There is a tool called SPY++ that ships with Visual Studio (on my machine, Start...
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    Print a t-shirt

    I went to to order US Postage stamps with a photo that I choose to upload: no Elvis stamps for me. There are also sites (like ) that will print/frame and deliver a customer photograph to any address: a great...
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    How to protect your web site pictures from being saved

    A customer emailed me: As you are an expert I have the following question that maybe you know to answer. My wife is an artist making cards for every occasion. We have now the idea of selling these cards through internet. Showing these cards on a gallery...
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