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November, 2004

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    Programmatically add a watch expression to the debug watch window

    A user may want to add a particular variable or expression to the Visual Foxpro debug watch window Here’s some code to do it. The debugger can read/write a particular debug config file. The default is stored in the fox resource file. Or you can choose...
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    Screen Saver Tricks

    In a prior blog entry I describe how a couple lines of code can start the currently registered screen saver instantly and how to disable the screen saver. Screen savers are funny animals. They are simply executable programs that typically will terminate...
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    Run your code in response to a new drive being inserted

    At the Las Vegas Devcon last month I used a digital camera to take a picture, then I plugged the camera media into my Tablet PC which was running the Visual Foxpro code below. The pictures on the media were automatically detected by the event handler...
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    Using Outlook to manage new documents

    I like using Outlook to manage documents that I compose, such as this blog entry. What I mean by that: I start writing a document by simply starting to compose a new mail message. I have Outlook configured to use MSWord as my email editor, so I have the...
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