I wanted to demonstrate something on my machine to somebody in another location.


Using remote assistance is easy. It allows another person to view and/or control your computer from another location. Try it with yourself (the term hermaphrodite comes to mind) if you have 2 computers on a network.


Start Help And Support, Remote Assistance. Invite yourself by typing in your email address. Change the contact information if desired, set a password and invitation expiration time. An email with an attachment (RcBuddy.MsRcIncident) will be sent to your inbox. (You may get some virus warnings like a program is trying to send email or is accessing your address book.) Open the attachment and you’re on your way! The remote machine won’t be able to do anything on the host machine until “Take Control” is chosen and the host machine confirms with a messagebox.


The escape key is annoying. If you hit it while you have remote control, a messagebox comes up saying that you’ve lost control. (See Solving a customer problem (by Calvinh))


Play around with the “Scale to Window” and “Actual Size” options on the remote machine. If the remote machine’s screen resolution is not big enough to show the entire window, it can be scaled down to fit.


You may have firewall issues if there are firewalls in between.