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February, 2006

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    Customize the VS debugger display of your data

    As a software developer, I spend much of my time looking at code, learning how it works, and figuring out how to modify or fix it. A very good tool to help examine code is the Visual Studio debugger. (Even if you’re not a hard core programmer, the...
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    Use an IStream object to avoid disk access

    Programs need to read and write data. Sometimes the data storage is only used temporarily. If the storage medium is a file, temporary files need to be deleted. Some Windows APIs allow reading and writing data to an object that implements IStream . IStream...
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    Is this a bug in BindEvents?

    (been away skiing with my family) A customer reported this as a bug in BindEvent . Run the code below. Try and drag and drop some text from Word or a file from Windows Explorer onto the form. Nothing happens Try without the BindEvent line, and the...
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    What about index key distribution?

    Mike Potjer wins the prize! His explanation of the non-random nature of SYS(2015) is why it’s not a good source for a random string. His observations about index size are also germane. The more random the index keys, the less it can be compressed,...
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    Is there a 1 Megabyte limit on memo fields using the OleDB provider?

    I received a question: My customer is under the impression that there is a size limit (of about 1 meg) on what can be retrieved from a FoxPro Memo field using the OleDb provider? Can someone confirm or refute this??? So I wrote some code...
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