In my prior two posts (This code queries the foxuser resource file. What does it do? and More Resource file data mining), I showed how to read resource file entries.


Here’s code that shows how to modify the entries.



SET RESOURCE ON  && make sure Foxuser is being used to store preferences

USE SET("Resource",1) AGAIN ALIAS foxuser



FOR i = 1 TO 10

      ERASE testprog.prg      && start with no file existing

      _cliptext="This is some sample text"+CHR(13)+" More text"   && put some text on the clipboard

      KEYBOARD '{CTRL+v}'     && put a paste command in the keyboard buffer to paste it in

      MODIFY COMMAND (cFilename) nowait   && open an editor window

      DOEVENTS    && allow the paste

      KEYBOARD "Y"      && put a 'Y' to save changes  in the buffer

      RELEASE WINDOWS testprog.prg  && Close the edit window

      LOCATE FOR id="WINDMODIFY" AND name=cFilename   && find the record in the resource table




      newdata = LEFT(data,12)+BINTOC(nLeft,"4rs")+SUBSTR(data,17)

      REPLACE data WITH newdata,ckval WITH VAL(SYS(2007,SUBSTR(newdata,3)))