Several months ago, I wrote The mechanics of Sudoku and Sudoku puzzles screen capture. As a result, Stephen Toub emailed me and asked if I’d like to beta test his Tablet PC version of Sudoku.  

He sent me several versions over the next few months to test-drive. It was fully functional from when I began, and I’ve seen many iterations of UI design, puzzle generation, and features come and go.

He emailed me that it’s finally been released, including source code in C#:


Microsoft Sudoku: Optimizing UMPC Applications for Touch and Ink


It’s a pretty cool app, which you can modify at will to your liking. In fact, Stephen already showed one way to modify the skins in his blog.


Currently, it runs only on TabletPC, although with the source code, you can modify it to run on other platforms.

Imagine running it on your phone! I already have a pretty good chess program running on my phone!