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October, 2006

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    The preservation of numerical precision

    A customer reported a difference in behavior when executing some code in the design time and in a COM dll. You can run this code to see it: (use the server created from ) ? SET...
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    The return value of a method can be intercepted using BindEvent

    Here’s a blog post that I wrote a long time ago, but forgot to publish. Marco Cenzato commented on Why doesn't my form close? Here is another case; what do you think: is related? ** Comment the define and rerun the program # Define...
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    Is this a Vista bug?

    A customer reported a crash of a VFP application while running under the new version of Windows: Vista. The customer code attempted to automate the configuration of the web server (See Automating Web Site Administration Using IIS ). Specifically...
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    Write your own hangman game

    Many years ago (1985) I wrote a C program to play Hangman. I had decoded a word processor spelling dictionary for my word source. More recently, I have encoded 2 spelling dictionaries for general purpose use: 1 with 171201 words, the other with...
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