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January, 2005

  • Cameron Beccario

    Installing Japanese Keyboards on Windows XP

    A little while back I bought a Japanese keyboard to use with my laptop while docked. It's a Microsoft Basic Keyboard 1.0A, with 109 keys. Not only does it have more keys than a standard US keyboard, but the layout is slightly different (such as the location...
  • Cameron Beccario

    Analyzing the aggregate music tastes of Mac, Windows, Linux users

    Recently, a friend of mine introduced me to Audioscrobbler . Using an audio player plug-in, your music choices are collected and compiled into an overview of your musical taste, accessible from the Audioscrobbler website. The website also displays a list...
  • Cameron Beccario

    Outsider's Eyes

    It may sound strange, but odd-numbered years always bring me better fortune than even-numbered years. Sorry, I won't elucidate. I've returned to the United States for the holidays to visit family and friends. Having spent the previous 9 months living...
  • Cameron Beccario

    I'm at war with the washing machine

    I'm at war with the washing machine. No matter which countermeasures I take, this "home appliance" manages to stretch my clothes to extreme and unfair proportions. It is particularly brutal to t-shirts. I'm not the only one. Each apartment in my building...
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