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  • Blog Post: Never stop moving

    It's been a year since I left Microsoft and moved to Japan to study Japanese at Yamasa . Now that my year-long studies have completed, I have moved to Tokyo (just this past Tuesday!) for a job doing IT design. In the spirit of change, my blog has also moved and can be found here: http://journal...
  • Blog Post: Analyzing the aggregate music tastes of Mac, Windows, Linux users

    Recently, a friend of mine introduced me to Audioscrobbler . Using an audio player plug-in, your music choices are collected and compiled into an overview of your musical taste, accessible from the Audioscrobbler website. The website also displays a list of neighbors--users with statistically close musical...
  • Blog Post: I'm at war with the washing machine

    I'm at war with the washing machine. No matter which countermeasures I take, this "home appliance" manages to stretch my clothes to extreme and unfair proportions. It is particularly brutal to t-shirts. I'm not the only one. Each apartment in my building has the same model. Every so often I spot a student...
  • Blog Post: People to thank, blogs as an emergent social network

    Meeting people and building social networks is what makes conferences like TechEd really valuable. Last week was no exception. I had the privilege of meeting and talking with quite a few nice people. Thanks to everyone on this list: [ 伊藤由起子 ] Yukiko Ito, ZEST Inc. [ 宇田豊和 ] Toyokazu Uda, Fuji Xerox [...
  • Blog Post: Happy Blog Birthday!

    One year ago today/yesterday I created my first post, since then averaging one per month. I feel like I need some sort of excuse for my snail-like pace. Maybe it was all those clandestine operations in Liechtenstein .
  • Blog Post: Tokyo Trip Report: the Java-in-Japan question

    Had a great time in Tokyo last week. Used Freespot to find some places with free wireless access, among them Cafe la Voie and Mixing Cafe . Also went to a meeting of the Tokyo PC Users Group where I heard an enjoyable presentation on the application of the electromagnetic spectrum to weapons technology...
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