The one, the only, Frank Arrigo, my good buddy, has a blog here. (when I figure out how to work the blogroll on this thing I will add him ;-)... Frank is a long long long-time Softie, with a long list of important jobs behind him, including being the first IT Director of Ninemsn! He also worked in the Executive Briefing Centre in Redmond and is now running the Microsoft Developer Platform Evangelism group here in Australia. I don't have any funny stories to tell about him - he's just one of the best guys you'll ever meet. When he re-joined MS from 9MSN he was the guy promoting Windowsmedia around the region and was instrumental in making it a success. I know he worked closely with lots of web hosters and pioneering audio-visual sites (like Dom Carosa at to help them get the most out of our technology.

Anyways... if you get chance to catch up with him sometime, do yourself a favour and buy him a coffee. And read his blog. That's an order, soldier.