about time someone introduced a new online service in this country!

I recently signed up with Meteor Entertainment. They are one of the 3 new services in Oz where you can order rental DVD's online and they will mail them to you... then you return them by mail when you are finished with them. They have over 7000 DVDs in their range, and from what I've seen, a fairly decent collection of art house and foreign films as well. I signed up for the service after reading about it in the AFR. I'd link to the article, but they've already archived it and want you to pay $2.20 to read it... I signed up because I'm always standing in the DVD store trying to remember which movies I've read good reviews on and I always seem to have a strange mental blank... so now I can cruise Meteor's site at midnight, and have IMDB open at the same time... and hopefully avoid the duds!

So anyways... just got my first DVD from them: Gangs Of New York.