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June, 2008

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My name is Cameron Skinner. I am the General Manager of the Visual Studio Ultimate team here in the Developer Division working at Microsoft.

My team is responsible for delivering features such as Intellitrace, visualization and modeling tools, test impact analysis, code analysis, and the VS debugger, just to name a few.

I'm very interested in establishing a continuous stream of dialog with our customers, this blog being a great tool to enable that conversation!



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    PDC2008 pre-con

    If there is ever a time to come to the PDC , this is the year to do it! Team Architect is planning on showing our latest wares, but so is the rest of the company. And if you are planning on attending, please be aware of the pre-con, which is also an event...
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    DSL + UML = Pragmatic Modeling

    There has been some speculation in the press recently around Microsoft's commitment to DSLs now that we are planning on supporting five UML 2.1 diagrams in the Rosario release ( Class, Use Case, Component, Sequence, and Activity diagrams ). Specifically...
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    New role running the VSTS Architecture Edition team

    Ok folks, as I mentioned in a previous post , I'd like to discuss a few of the things I've been up to recently. As some of you know, I came to Microsoft in June of 2005 to build and run the team that created what is now known as Visual Studio Team System...
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