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November, 2008

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My name is Cameron Skinner. I am the General Manager of the Visual Studio Ultimate team here in the Developer Division working at Microsoft.

My team is responsible for delivering features such as Intellitrace, visualization and modeling tools, test impact analysis, code analysis, and the VS debugger, just to name a few.

I'm very interested in establishing a continuous stream of dialog with our customers, this blog being a great tool to enable that conversation!



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    Model and Work Item Integration

    I want to continue discussing some of the " Team Collaboration " features in the upcoming VSTS 2010 Architecture product. In this post, I want to show you how we are planning on providing you the ability to link *any* model element with any...
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    VSTS 2010 Architecture : [Part Two] Model Project and 4+1 Project Template

    In my last post , I introduced the Modeling project that will be introduced in the VSTS 2010 Architecture product. In this post, I'd like to demonstrate how you can leverage the extensibility mechanisms inherent in the Visual Studio Project template feature...
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    VSTS 2010 Architecture: [Part One] Model Project

    In my last post , I began talking about the logical structure of the VSTS 2010 Architecture product. I now want to start drilling into the various areas I outlined in that post . In this post, I want to start going deeper in the "Team Collaboration" area...
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    Visual Studio Team System 2010 Architecture: Prologue

    Now that we have made the 2010 CTP available for your use ( please see Brian Keller's post for all the details on how to get it, what's in it, activation help, etc. ), I want to start a series of posts designed to bring you up to speed on those bits and...
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    Sticky Toolbox

    I wanted to make folks aware of a seemingly small but quite important new feature found in the toolbox for any of the new diagram types in the 2010 Architecture product. ( This is also a feature that all new designers built with the DSL toolkit can enjoy...
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