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February, 2009

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My name is Cameron Skinner. I am the General Manager of the Visual Studio Ultimate team here in the Developer Division working at Microsoft.

My team is responsible for delivering features such as Intellitrace, visualization and modeling tools, test impact analysis, code analysis, and the VS debugger, just to name a few.

I'm very interested in establishing a continuous stream of dialog with our customers, this blog being a great tool to enable that conversation!



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    Oracle DSP Provider and Quest Software

    I just wanted to make sure everyone had heard of the great news that was announced today at VSLive! in San Francisco. Quest Software has announced that it will be building atop the rich extensibility infrastructure that is present in what was the VSTS...
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    DGML, Containers, and VSTS 2010 Architecture Rendering

    I previously pointed out how easy it was to manipulate and then render a .dgml file in the upcoming VSTS 2010 Architecture product. I want to continue that discussion by showing how easy it is to indicate to the product that you need to see nodes contained...
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    VSTS Has a New Web Site

    The VSTS product groups here at Microsoft are all heads down working as hard as we can to get the next great version of Visual Studio Team System out the door, VSTS 2010. We're working new features, fixing bugs, testing, listening to feedback, testing...
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