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January, 2010

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My name is Cameron Skinner. I am the General Manager of the Visual Studio Ultimate team here in the Developer Division working at Microsoft.

My team is responsible for delivering features such as Intellitrace, visualization and modeling tools, test impact analysis, code analysis, and the VS debugger, just to name a few.

I'm very interested in establishing a continuous stream of dialog with our customers, this blog being a great tool to enable that conversation!



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    UML Profiles and Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate: Part One

    [NOTE: This post is part of a blog series, the start of which is here .]   Happy new year! :)   Recently, I’ve had a few questions around how UML Profiles are supported in VS 2010, so figured I’d start the new year with a post about that. By...
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    UML Profiles and Visual Studio 2010: Part Two

    Ok, so I was just sitting down, getting ready to write a nice long post about how to create your own UML Profiles when I discovered just how great the MSDN documentation is on this very subject. So instead of trying to recreate that work, please check...
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    Customer Presentations

    I’m 35,000 feet in the air while I make this post ( which always geeks me out :) ), coming home after a few days participating in some events I pointed out in my last post . Although these trips are always tiring, they are also always *very* informative...
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    Great TFS2010 Resources

    Last week was a very busy week for the Ranger team. They have just released a number of documents that will most certainly be a huge help as you and your team starts to migrate over to using VS2010 with Team Foundations Server 2010. Here is a break down...
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    Upcoming Talks and WebCast

    Wanted to mention a couple of presentations that I am participating in the coming weeks. Next week, I’ll be in Charlotte, NC and Malvern, PA keynoting in two of our many “The Ultimate Event: Visual Studio 2010 & Team Foundation Server 2010” pre-launch...
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