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September, 2010

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My name is Cameron Skinner. I am the General Manager of the Visual Studio Ultimate team here in the Developer Division working at Microsoft.

My team is responsible for delivering features such as Intellitrace, visualization and modeling tools, test impact analysis, code analysis, and the VS debugger, just to name a few.

I'm very interested in establishing a continuous stream of dialog with our customers, this blog being a great tool to enable that conversation!



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    ALM Summit Nov 16-18

    Brian Harry just blogged about a conference we’ll be hosting on the Redmond Microsoft campus this November 16-18th. If you do get a chance, drop by. I’ll be giving a talk about lessons learned and challenges overcome while I led a few product team transformations...
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    TIP support for any ADO.NET app

    In my last post , I discussed the benefits of the Tier Interaction Profiler found in Visual Studio 2010 Premium. If you are accessing a database via ADO.NET APIs ( which includes the new Entity Framework 4.0 features ), you can get the same benefits from...
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    The Tier Interaction Profiler ( TIP )

    There is a little known feature that is part of Visual Studio 2010 Premium edition that I wanted to take a second and let people know about. It is fairly straight forward in its approach, but some of the best features always are! This particular feature...
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