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  • Blog Post: Layer Diagram Extension using the Feature Pack

    As you certainly know by now, we have released the Visualization and Modeling Feature Pack . One of the new capabilities that we have enabled in the Pack is the ability to hook into the Layer Diagram in a number of different ways ( Command, Gesture, and Validation Extensions ). I want to make you aware...
  • Blog Post: Feature Pack vs. Power Tool

    In my “Sneak Peek…” post I promised to discuss the differences between a Feature Pack and a Power Tool. Now that we’ve just made our first feature pack available , it’s probably time to discuss these differences. Brian Harry has just blogged about the differences and actually a larger spectrum of release...
  • Blog Post: Documentation Refresh

    The MSDN Library of documentation has been updated. Along with new content discussing the new features in the Visualization and Modeling Feature Pack , the page on Extending UML Models and Diagrams has been updated, and a number of new articles / whitepapers have been published: · Customizing Team Foundation...
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