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  • Blog Post: A Windows Explorer Gem

    I just tripped into this little gem and just couldn’t let this go without telling somebody, ‘cause I could have used this little feature 15 years ago! Ever had to find a file on your machine with the only purpose to determine the absolute location to that file so that you could write some code that makes...
  • Blog Post: TIP support for any ADO.NET app

    In my last post , I discussed the benefits of the Tier Interaction Profiler found in Visual Studio 2010 Premium. If you are accessing a database via ADO.NET APIs ( which includes the new Entity Framework 4.0 features ), you can get the same benefits from TIP. If you recall, one of the last pages in the...
  • Blog Post: The Tier Interaction Profiler ( TIP )

    There is a little known feature that is part of Visual Studio 2010 Premium edition that I wanted to take a second and let people know about. It is fairly straight forward in its approach, but some of the best features always are! This particular feature is especially helpful when trying to determine...
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