Yesterday the Launch Tour kicked off in Toronto.  On behalf of the entire team here at Microsoft we want to thank everyone who attended for spending their day with us. 
It was a great day and we hope everyone got something out of the presentations, the expert talks and the partner booths.  We listened to your feedback and we will make some minor changes in the other cities.  Let us know what you thought if you haven't already.
John, Jerome, Barry, Barnaby and Damir had so much fun on stage.  If you had a question for them, please do contact them via their blogs. 
Many have asked about the presentations.  Watch your inbox for an email pointing you to the location of the downloads.
Many people didn't take full advantage of the experts area.  For those of you coming to the other cities - be sure to stop by the cabana to ask you questions and to have those deeper conversations with the experts.
Some pictures from the day:
John Bristowe
The Expert Area
Blog Reviews (So Far):
The team is on the way to Ottawa as we speak!  1 city down, 9 to go!!!
Thanks Toronto!