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  • Blog Post: PDC – The Devil’s Guide To PDC

    Heading to LA for PDC – this is a good read to get the most of the show.   “If you are reading this, you know Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference is on and is coming up in mere days. I am fortunate enough to be a part of the PDC Core...
  • Blog Post: OPML File of Microsoft Canada Bloggers

    We have posted an OPML file you can download to get a list of all the blogs from our team.  Enjoy!
  • Blog Post: Too Quiet On The Blogging Front - News From The Road

    It has been a busy few weeks since we left Toronto and the first event on the tour. Since then we have been to Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Victoria and Vancouver. The team has been keeping the blogsphere up-to-date and we wanted to point you to some of what they have had to say. Jerome tells...
  • Blog Post: On The Road - Notes From Ottawa

    A few posts from the crew on the road in Ottawa. Sasha reports a very full house: John talks about arriving in the Nation's Capital -
  • Blog Post: Jerome Posts The Answers To The Most Asked Day 1 Questions

    Check out Jerome's Blog for some of the answers to the questions we were asked the most in Toronto:
  • Blog Post: Thank-You Toronto!

    Yesterday the Launch Tour kicked off in Toronto. On behalf of the entire team here at Microsoft we want to thank everyone who attended for spending their day with us. It was a great day and we hope everyone got something out of the presentations, the expert talks and the partner booths. We listened...
  • Blog Post: Sneak Peak @ The Software

    Mark has posted some sneak-peak photos on his blog! :-) Launch2005
  • Blog Post: We want to hear from you! Blog about the tour you may win a prize!

    Previously, Barnaby posted asking if anyone out there is going to blog about the Canadian Tour - We really want to see what the blogsphere thinks of the launch. Blog about your experience during the Canadian Tour and about any...
  • Blog Post: Launch Tour Contest - Wear Your Old Swag And Win A Prize!

    With just 4 days to go before the kick-off of the cross-Canada tour we have come up with a contest for our faithful blog readers! Our theme this year is "Ready To Rock" and while we don't want to give away any surprises, you can just imagine what we might have in store for you at the event. So, just...
  • Blog Post: John starts giving a "behind the scenes" view of the launch

    Check out John's post as he starts to talk about the behind-the-scenes work going into preparing for the Launch Tour. Launch2005
  • Blog Post: Plumbers @ Work - A New Developer Podcast

    Plumbers @ Work is a new developer podcast featuring one of our launch speakers John Bristowe as well as Dan Sellers from the MSDN team.   Check it out -
  • Blog Post: Toronto Registration Has Been Extended!

    As a result of the great interest in the Nov 8 th Toronto Ready Launch Tour event, we have extended our capacity so that you have the opportunity to join us.  Don’t miss out, register now!
  • Blog Post: Now Available - ReadyBuzz Audio!

    ReadyBuzz is here! The Launch Crew have created a series of short audio/video shows to give you a behind the scenes view to the all of the Launch activities. We will introduce you to the speakers, give you an preview of the content and let you know how the preparations are going! Subscribe to the...
  • Blog Post: Diaries from my Roku SoundBridge - Windows Media Connect

    Jerome once again writes about his ongoing development project with his Roku and dives into Windows Media Connect v2.   Diaries from my Roku SoundBridge - Windows Media Connect
  • Blog Post: So what does SQL 2005 mean to an ISV? Part 2

    Ryan Storgaard has posted part 2 of his entry on the importance of SQL Server 2005 to ISVs:   " Folks, if you really want to seize an opportunity to drive some demand for your products you have to take a serious look at embedding some...
  • Blog Post: More Security Posts From Dan Sellers

    Dan "Security Man" Sellers has 2 new posts on his blog around developer security:   Security Trimming and Site Navigation Service in ASP.Net 2.0   Security Process: Pattern and Practices Security Engineering
  • Blog Post: Active Directory Application Mode with Visual Studio.Net 2005 (Part 2 of 2)

    Dan Sellers continues his series of posts on ADAM.
  • Blog Post: The Microsoft Canada Ready Launch Tour is over 80% Full!

    Registration for this event is filling up fast, and we are already 80% full.  Don’t miss your opportunity to attend.  Get Ready.  Register today .
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Work Items and Friends

    John Bristowe has posted a new entry on his blog discussing work items (amoung other things)   " Yesterday, I spent the entire day playing around with many of the new features in Visual Studio 2005 Team System, focusing specifically on the integration of the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) for...
  • Blog Post: X05 Developer Track and Xbox 360 VIP Preview - Time Is Running Out To Register!

    Time is running out for you to register for the MSDN Presentation Of The X05 Developer Track and the Xbox 360 VIP Preview.   MSDN Canada Presents The X05 Developer Track   Join us for a unique event targeting game development on Microsoft-based platforms.  The session will provide an overview...
  • Blog Post: So what does SQL 2005 mean to an ISV? Part 1

    Ryan Storgaard, one of our ISV Platform Advisors, discusses what SQL Server 2005 means to Canadian ISVs.   " What I'd like to do, in a series of posts over the next little while, is to take a different approach to discussing the features of these products. I'm sure you'd love to hear how "super excited...
  • Blog Post: Registered? Want to challenge the experts?

    Want to know more about the ASP.Net 2.0 new features and enhancements? Wondering how Visual Studio 2005 might make you more productive, write less code and have more spare time to work on those “real” development projects! Is there such thing as a smart client anymore? You got it – John and I will cover...
  • Blog Post: Are you blogging about the launch?

    Are you planning on, or already, blogging about the upcoming SQL/VS/BizTalk launch? Do you plan to take any photos at the launch events? If you answered yes to any of these, take a look at my blog post on how you can tag your...
  • Blog Post: Psssst…Are you a game developer?

    If you are a game developer or interested in game development using VS2005 and other Microsoft-based technologies, you need to check this out:
  • Blog Post: The Momentum Continues - Toronto is now accepting waitlist registrations only…

    Wow ! The excitement around the tour continues. The Toronto event is now accepting waitlist registrations only.   Don't miss your chance to attend your local event. Visit the Launch page -     Tag: [ Launch2005 ]
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