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  • Blog Post: Un-Hosting & Re-Hosting Active Directory Partitions

    This technique allows you to "re-host" a partition on an Active Directory domain controller without dumping all the other read only partitions (like you would by simply un-checking the global catalog option). It saves time, replication traffic and reduces the impact on your domain controller in cases...
  • Blog Post: Granular Active Directory replication for advanced troubleshooting scenarios

    This post introduces an advanced functionality of repadmin.exe which allows us to initiate replication between domain controllers that do not share a connection object. This is useful when you need to be able to predict where a domain controller will replicate from. Think of any scenario where you know...
  • Blog Post: Active Directory Replication: Change Notification & You

    'Normal" Active Directory replication occurs almost immediately between replication partners in the same site (5 seconds after the change is made). 'Normal Replication' between different sites (say Canberra and Dallas) occurs per schedule with the smallest configurable value being 15 minutes. This post...
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