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June, 2004

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    Random recent SBS notes

    In recent days, I've posted about the issue with Exchange SP1 and SBS. (Susan copied it excellently in her blog) We're working to get a patch that resolves those issues out ASAP, but we want to make sure we only do it once. We'll be asking a small # of...
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    X-country summer trip

    Just as an FYI - my girlfriend Prashanthi and I will be doing a cross country trip from Ohio to Seattle (this is the move to Seattle trip for her) in the 1st week of August. I'd love to be able to make stops along the way to talk to some SBS folks, but...
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    More on Exchange SP1 and SBS 2003

    Several people have posted back saying they are having issues with alerts from store.exe after applying Exchange SP1. There's also problems with OWA now requiring a domain name when logging in (requiring DOMAIN\ username where username w as OK before...
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