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July, 2004

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    Even more on licensing

    Wow, I didn't realize I was entering such a hornets nest when I started making comments about licensing enforcement. Apparently there's a lot of misconceptions about how we enforce licensing in SBS. I understand licensing with Microsoft is in general...
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    More on Licensing Notification

    Someone made the excellent point that the Messenger service that SBS uses to notify users of a server in violation of the licensing restrictions of SBS is slated to be disabled in updates such as XP SP2. This is true for the client side - the service...
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    Peaboy asked what I think about the Flyers draft options. Just as an FYI to everyone: - I grew up in Philadelphia (after living in Ohio for a while) where I became a hockey fan that was reinforced by going to school in Pittsburgh and watching Lemieux...
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    SBS and Licensing/Shutdowns

    Deep 7 posted asking why it is that SBS shuts down the server "without warning" when we detect that you are using SBS in violation of the licensing. In general, because SBS is such a deal (I mean, really, Windows + Exchange for <$1000 USD is pretty...
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    Whoops - didn't quite get all of it

    That was kind of weird - my last post didn't have my ending comments. What I meant to add in was that since I didn't have much to report on, I was interested in whatever questions or other suggestions/comments people wanted to send my way. I'd like...
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    SBS fixes

    The SBS Exchange SP1 QFE is now online and available at (and is now available in all 18 languages - sorry for the delay in that). The other...
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